Best Western Ties & Belts

Stitch Logo offers a wide variety of ties and neck wear. Please visit our neckwear section for other options.

All Best Western Uniform Items on Sale!

HC00 Signature Honeycomb Ties

The teflon finish on this silk tie will keep you looking your best!

CR00 Crossroads Polyester Ties

This pattern add interest to any uniform program!

CR50 Womens Crossroads Polyester Scarf

Have fun with this scarf! Wear it in a sophisticated knot or just loose!

SC60 Chiffon Splatter Floral Scarf

Accent your look with this beautiful silk oblong scarf!

SC56 Crinkle Chiffon Scarf

Long scarf for versatility accents perfectly!

HC60 Signature Honeycomb Ascot

Colorful ascot with a teflon finish for long-lasting wear!

HB00 Herringbone Uniform Ties

Constructed with strength and durability in mind!

HB60 Herringbone Neckerchief

Fabulous pattern neckwear in SIX fun colors!

SD00 Wide Solid Color Tie

Order your solid tie with custom embroidery for a unique look!