BW Plus Ties & Belts

#EDSD00 Solid Color Tie

Order your solid tie with custom embroidery for a unique look!

#BC00 Leather Garrison Secuity Belt

#HB00 Herringbone Uniform Ties

Constructed with strength and durability in mind!

#HB60 Herringbone Neckerchief

Fabulous pattern neckwear in SIX fun colors!

#CR00 Crossroads Polyester Ties

This pattern add interest to any uniform program!

#CR50 Womens Crossroads Polyester Scarf

Have fun with this scarf! Wear it in a sophisticated knot or just loose!

#HC60 Signature Honeycomb Ascot

Colorful ascot with a teflon finish for long-lasting wear!

#HC00 Signature Honeycomb Ties

The teflon finish on this silk tie will keep you looking your best!

#BP00 Smooth Leather Dress Belt

#WD00 D-Ring Web Belt

Perfect for casual shorts and pants!

#RB00 Reversible Leather Uniform Belt


#BP01 Leather Uniform Dress Belt

Black and Brown

#BC01 Rugged Leather Garrison Belt

Features and antique buckle in black and brown.