Holiday Inn Neckwear

Shop ties, scarves and ascots that match your Holiday Inn or Holiday Inn Express dress shirts and Suits.

HI-CR00 Crossroads Polyester Ties

This beautiful design is perfect for front desk!

HI-CR50 Womens Crossroads Scarf

Crossroads criss cross scarf pattern adds color to your neckline.

HI-S007 Collegiate Plaid Neckerchief

Adjustable knot for a perfect fit for the ladies!


HI-T007 Collegiate Plaid Tie

Perfect for front desk and management!

HI-HB00 Herringbone Ties

Subtle woven herringbone weave.

HI-HB60 Herringbone Neckerchief

Subtle herringbone pattern adds interest.

HI-HC00 Signature Honeycomb Ties

Beautiful silk tie with a soil release finish!

HI-HC60 Signature Honeycomb Ascot

Function silk with soil release treatment!

HI-MD00 Mini Diamond Tie

Subtle diamond pattern for a professional look!

HI-RP00 Narrow Stripe Tie

Modern width for today's professional work force!

HI-SC56 Crinkle Chiffon Scarf

Long length for versatility!

HI-SC57 Satin Mixed Weave Scarf

Accent your outfit with a great satin scarf!

HI-SC53 Checkerboard Chiffon Scarf

This chiffon scarf with a playful pattern is filled with color.

HI-SW00 Wide Stripe Tie

Features a modern width for today's working professional!

HI-TR00 Trellis Tie

100% Silk with a subtle texture!