Men's Short Sleeve Dress Shirts

The ultimate work shirt! Discover the very best in short sleeve dress shirts at Stitch Logo. Perfect for uniforming restaurants, hotel front desk, businesses, work shops and more. Order short sleeve shirts for men's uniform programs and business events. Many men prefer to wear polo short sleeve shirts.

ED1027 Men's Short Sleeve Oxford

Wrinkle & Stain Resistant Easy Care Fabric

Tall Sizes Available


UN0920 Classic Utility Work Shirt

This easy care, durable work shirt is so comfortable. Plenty of colors to choose from.

W101 Port Authority Carefree Poplin Shirt

Wrinkle & Stain Resistant Exceptional Value!
New Colors

ED1314 Men's Short Sleeve Business Shirt

Wrinkle resistant broadcloth stands up to demanding wear.

S-3XL, M-6XL Tall


W809 Men's Wrinkle Resistant Short Sleeve SuperPro React Shirt

Wrinkle and stain resistant performance shirt.

S508 Men's Easy Care Short Sleeve Twill

Lightweight & Wrinkle Resistant

W700SS Men's Untucked Brushed Twill Shirt

The new men's un-tucked style in an easy care fabric!

ED1110 Mens 2 Pocket Short Sleeve Broadcloth Shirt

Permanent collar stays keep this shirt looking fresh all day!

ED1230 Men's Easy Care Shirt

Easy care fabric wicks moisture, soil and wrinkle resistant!

TLS508 Men's Easy Care Short Sleeve Tall Shirt

Lightweight & wrinkle resistant - now available in big and tall.

ED1245 Men's Short Sleeve Uniform Shirt

Wrinkle resistant fabric stands up to demanding wear!

S664 SUPERPRO Port Authority Twill

Resists soil and wrinkles while releasing stains!

S659 Men's SuperPro Oxford Uniform Shirt

This shirt has it all! Wrinkle Free Finish, Soil & Stain Resistant!

SP18 Men's Short Sleeve Superpro Twill Shirt

Hard working stain resistant and wrinkle resistant fabric!

ED1030 Jacquard Batiste Camp Shirt

Wrinkle & Stain Resistant with Contemporary Weave

ED1031 Batiste Camp Shirt

Soft Silky Fabric that Performs!

Soil Release, Wrinkle Resistant & Moisture Wicking

S662 Textured Camp Shirt

Lightweight & Breathable

Stain & Wrinkle Resistant

S535 Men's Easy Care Camp Shirt

Fabulous Rayon Blend Fabric

M560 Men's Textured Camp Shirt

Wrinkle Resistant Soft Rayon Blend

M570 Men's Bedford Cord Camp Shirts

Supple Rayon Blend Fabric with Corded Texture